Monday, July 7, 2008

The Game - The Rules {part 2}

***Read The Pre-Game/Narrative FIRST***

So here is the tricky part - The Rules

They vary from person to person but they all have the same underlining theme: "I really don't care"

Seems a little ridiculous right, especially since we date because we DO care and want to get to know the other person better. What is with the whole fa├žade of "I can go either way"; when inside we are screaming "PICK ME! PICK ME!".

Here are a few of the Rules I've received in my journey with Sean:

"Don't let him know you are too interested girl." Okay so how is he supposed to know I'm interested? The whole point of me trying to "holla" is for him know I'm interested. You read the description of Sean in the earlier blog; the Brotha is all of that, and a bottle of Don Perion. I WANT him to know I'm interested before the next chick does. But according to the Rules, this is a 'No, No'; I'm supposed to give him the initial "I dig you" vibe then pull back and hopefully that vibe will do the rest.

So after he gets a hint of the vibe, he should be inquiring about my time, BUT…"Don't make yourself too available!" Dangit why not?!? I want to spend time with him and get to know him better. Plus if I say 'No' too many times wouldn't he just give up?

Even my mother who's been married for 27 years and never been in the Game knows about the Game as she prompts me to "ignore some of his calls, let them go to voicemail." But what if it were an emergency and those were the last three minutes on his boostmobile? What if he were feeling spontaneous and wanted to take me to see the sunset over the beach?

"When he emails you, don't email back right away. Make it seem you have a life and aren't sitting there waiting for him." I have a life, a very busy one might I add, but I check my email all the time. (Isn't that why I pay over $100 a month for a BlackBerry? So I can receive and send emails in a timely manner?) That is where I conduct most of my business and I HAVE been waiting for an email from him got dangit. Why is that so bad? Why do I need to act like I haven't been? And if he emails me from Myspace, homeboy can see I've opened and read his message. Doesn't it seem silly to send him a response three days later? What has changed from the time I opened it and three days later? NOTHING! Just the idea that I wasn't too pressed to respond back.

God forbid he is your buddy on instant messenger. "Girl don't delete him. BLOCK HIM! BLOCK HIM! BLOCK HIM! " We can't even be IM buddies because that is making myself WAY to available to him.

From the rules of this Game I'm not supposed to answer his calls more than once a week if that, wait a few days to respond to his emails, and never, no, never have him as a buddy on my instant messenger. And in turn he will see I am not too pressed to be with him, my time is precious, and I have a life…which will cause him to seek my attention even more. Makes perfect sense right?

So in the end how the heck is he supposed to reach me? Through a friend of a friend? Sending a dove with a letter? By showing up at my door? After I follow all the rules of not reaching out to him, ole dude is going to think I am just not interested. When in actually fact it's just the opposite.

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