Monday, July 7, 2008

The Pre-Game / Narrative {part 1}

I was out of the Game for over four years. Participated in a little sideline action; coaching my friends through the Game, had a few 'players' run out of bounds into my lap after fervently running down the court for the perfect dunk – basically trying to score. But it had been awhile since I was out there on the court myself. Blocking, rebounding, shooting, showing off my adroit moves. While bunned up for four years, I didn't get the full spectrum of the Game – like I said before – just the sideline view. So now that it is my turn to get out of the celebrity half court seats and on to the bench with hopes of actually making it out on the shiny wood floors again, I feel overwhelmed and in need of a few more months in training camp. Times have really changed and there are so many dag'on rules to this Game with what seems to be no chance of actually winning.

What is the purpose of this Game? Why can't I just walk up to Sean Brown and tell him I'm feeling him and would love to get to know him better, as I would have done half a decade prior?

---- So let's digress for a moment. ----

Sean Brown, yes, the subject of my frustrations. My description of him will do him little to no justice but I will attempt to so you readers can relate.Sean is as distinct as the cologne he wears. He is polished yet masculine, an individual yet classic, strong yet not overpowering, he radiates confidence. The type of man you don't have to think twice about accompanying you to that black-tie event, who can hold his own in a board room full of executives, but can also throw on some sweats and cook you that spaghetti meal. Through all of his sophistication and accomplishments, he is still extremely humble.

Sean is a mans man, he embodies masculinity; even so, his quiet, unique spirit can be seen in his kind, comforting smile. I have to say he had me hook, line, and sinker with that smile. With every sultry line Mr. Brown speaks my mind start racing. My eyes soften and lips creep into a smile with every sarcastic comment he makes. His quick wit and canning humor cause me to fall out of my seat in laughter.

He is the type of guy that you want to surround yourself with. One who never points out your faults but you automatically seem to improve yourself when you are graced with his presence - spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. In my year of knowing him, he has made me want to progress to a level I never felt I could reach. All around Sean Brown is a spectacular man, whom after much evaluation I've concluded is worthy of my time and affection.

---- A BIG SIGH. A little daydreaming. And I'm back. ----

So what is the problem you ask? Like Kelly Pitts from CW's "The Game" (no pun intended) said, "Black women are always complaining there aren't enough good Black men out there; you better lock yours down before one of mine does." Why haven't I locked this brotha down or even secured a second date? Why am I forced to play this Game with him in order to get to the next level? These are questions I've been asking myself over and over the last six months. Hoping for some clarity after writing it down, to no avail. So you know me, share it with the masses. Over the next few weeks, I'm just going to share with you my perspective of the Game using my experience with Sean. And don't worry fellas Sean is NOT you, so you can rest easy, I won't divulge your 'whack' game…LOL (just kidding). I'll discuss the Players in this Game, the Rules, the Coaches, Halftime, the Goal, and of course, most importantly POINTS.

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